What are these spatial data services? About using spatial data through internet

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Introduction to spatial data services This is the first article in the series that will talk about how to understand and implement the spatial network services of the Act on spatial planning and development and the EMUiA regulation. As a team of urban planners with several years of experience in providing services for municipalities in […]

Innovative software for creating and managing spatial information systems.


The MapMaker.online web application can be classified as an online GIS application because it includes the functions of entering, collecting, analyzing and visualizing geospatial data. The application is designed to run on the Internet, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The biggest advantages of the program: Immediate action – creating, editing and publishing spatial data […]

Post-amendment plan and study, what about GML?

plan zagospodarowania przestrzennego

In connection with the entry into force of new regulations on spatial planning and development on October 31, 2020, the requirements for the enactment of spatial planning acts (app) have changed. The supervisory decision of the voivode in the event of violation of the provisions means additional costs in the procedure of preparing the app. […]