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  • View and make temporary edits to published projects


$ 499
  • Create and edit projects with a dedicated spatial database


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  • Not sure? Use this flexible option to get to know the app

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GIS online is an innovation. We make it so everyone has a chance to try it.

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Free plan is perfect for viewing public projects and having insight in existing plans. Paid plan is where all the GIS magic begins.

Your own geospatial database, extensive GIS editing, custom URL subdomain and network services sharing. All that put together into multi-device online work enviroment.

Free plan

Paid plan

View public projects

Make temporary edits to public projects

Import WMS to public projects

Create your own projects

Advanced geometry editing and transformation

Your own geospatial PostGIS database

Provide OGC network services for your projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Sign up is free and the account will remain forever free of charge. First month after the sign up allows you to utilize full funcionality of the application.
To continue using extended version of the application you need to purchase a plan.

You can learn more about providing and using OGC network services such as WMS, WFS and CSW by clicking on their names or you can find them in “About The App” page.

You can view the offer for cities, communes and other local goverments by clicking here or under “Miscellaneous” section in the footer. To learn more details or ask questions, please contact us using the form on the home page.

Of course. You can find it in the footer under section “Miscellaneous” or by pressing here.

Click here to see the Terms of use. You can also find it under “Miscellaneous” section in the footer.