Post-amendment plan and study, what about GML?

plan zagospodarowania przestrzennego

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In connection with the entry into force of new regulations on spatial planning and development on October 31, 2020, the requirements for the enactment of spatial planning acts (app) have changed. The supervisory decision of the voivode in the event of violation of the provisions means additional costs in the procedure of preparing the app.

To find the answer to the title question, you should take a look at the app and check whether it meets the requirements of Article 67c (3) of the Spatial Planning and Development Act. This article deals with the services of: searching, browsing and downloading spatial data sets. The first problem with the correct fulfillment of statutory obligations appears with the browsing service, which is the WMS service (Web Map Service). We would like to point out that the publication of the WMS service should “enable at least: displaying, navigating, enlarging and reducing, moving or overlapping the displayed sets, and displaying explanations of cartographic symbols and metadata content”. Not all spatial information systems available on the market offer the option of displaying cartographic symbols and metadata content in their WMS services. So let’s be allergic to it when choosing a specific system.
Another significant problem is the provision of the download service, which is the WFS service (Web Feature Service, compliant with the OGC specification). In this case, finding a system that offers such a service is much more difficult. The WFS service is nothing more than providing the possibility of downloading copies of spatial data sets in an editable form while preserving the information carried in the attribute table. This is particularly important in the case of spatial data sets that store information about a given set, and their download should be publicly available. This service provides direct access to vector data.

Failure to provide the above-mentioned services may be the reason for a supervisory decision of the voivode, because participants in the planning procedure are deprived of access to documents in accordance with the regulations.

Summarizing the above information, we encourage you to take part in the training on this subject: As part of the training, spatial data for the app with the necessary attachments will be prepared for participants and published in the spatial information system for the period of the spatial planning act, which will allow to meet the new statutory requirements for spatial planning and development without being exposed to the supervisory decision of the voivode.
The training covers the operation of the APP plug-in and the program, which additionally publishes the app and other projects created in the QGIS program, stores spatial data in the cloud and allows you to work independently online in the GIS program.

The scope of this article does not exhaust all aspects of the legality of the method of publishing spatial planning acts.
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