Innovative software for creating and managing spatial information systems.


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The web application can be classified as an online GIS application because it includes the functions of entering, collecting, analyzing and visualizing geospatial data. The application is designed to run on the Internet, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The biggest advantages of the program:

  • Immediate action – creating, editing and publishing spatial data from any device via the Internet,
  • SaaS technology – thanks to working in the cloud, it is unnecessary to install additional software or data storage,
  • Extensive drawing, geometry and analysis tools.

An attractive aspect of the new application is the ability to work with spatial data directly on the Internet. Thanks to the tools available in the application, you can update spatial data at any time. Create them from scratch from any device because the data is stored in the cloud. This is an interesting option considering the fact that everyone uses the Internet and wants to have fast data transfer.

Working in GIS programs

Working in GIS programs is mainly working with vector data. However, we are not always dealing with vectors. Raster data is still (and probably will be) used in projects. As you know, rasters usually do not have a spatial reference. In order for the image to be positioned to match the actual location of the area it represents, it must be geo-referenced. In our program there is a module that allows us to assign spatial reference to rasters. A detailed description and tutorial on how the module works can be found on our website (link here). However, it is one of many modules. We also have the option to trim the raster to the mask, attach additional information to spatial data, etc. All functions described on (link here).

One of the basic properties of geographic information systems is the geometry tools for editing vector layers. Thanks to them, we can automatically trim layers, combine them with each other, draw differences and much more. It is thanks to these options that we save the most time during work. All functions are described at

Spatial analyzes

Spatial analysis is the most intriguing and unusual aspect of GIS. By using spatial analysis, information from many independent sources can be combined and new sets of information can be obtained. Try with a complex set of spatial operators. It goes beyond mere mapping to allow the study of the features of places and the relationships between them. Spatial analysis offers new perspectives in decision making. Our application provides a lot of such functions, described in detail along with tutorials on our website change.

The implementation of the project took specialists over 6 years of work and over 12 years of experience in the field of urban planning and programming. This time translates into the correct operation of the application with a large variety of functions. The ambition and goal of the creators is to provide modern services in a simple and transparent way. Allowing users maximum freedom and independence. Currently, the application has completed the stage of full implementation with the support of technical facilities, which include people responsible for its best functioning. They are specialists in various fields of computer science; mainly programmers using various programming languages, GIS specialists with many years of experience, as well as experienced planners and efficient management who had contact with maps in various specialist areas dealing with maps.

Online GIS in the browser

The main direction of the application development was to provide users with a fully functional online GIS, thanks to which the application will be able to cope with most of the tasks. At present, the application is a ready online GIS tool with a number of functionalities so that the application can be used to optimize activities and daily management in various fields by people in specialized industries or individuals.

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