Harmonization and interoperability according to INSPIRE.

Dyrektywa INSPIRE

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The European Union countries are facing challenges resulting from the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. Preparation by administrative units for the planned changes, which will unify the standards in the field of spatial planning, will require the complexity of work on every level, which will be difficult for all entities.

As MapMaker.online, we have created a proprietary MapMaker.online application in the SaaS model, which ensures interoperability, i.e. combining spatial data and cooperation in the provision of spatial data network services and harmonization in accordance with INSPIRE.

We have implemented a module on the application that enables the provision of network services for topic 3.4. Land Use / PLU, following the INSPIRE Data Specification on Land Use – Technical Guidelines D2.8.III.4.

  1. CSW:https://mapmaker.online/geonetwork/srv/eng/csw?SERVICE=CSW&VERSION=2.0.2&REQUEST=GetCapabilities
  2. WMS:https://geomapmaker.online/wms/LobezHILUCS
  3. WFS:https://geomapmaker.online/wfs/LobezHILUCS

We ensure the correctness of network services in accordance with Polish legal standards.

Examples of our web service addresses:

  1. CSW: https://mapmaker.online/geonetwork/srv/eng/csw?SERVICE=CSW,
  2. WMS: https://geomapmaker.online/wms/RadomskoMMpzp,
  3. WFS: https://geomapmaker.online/wfs/RzasniaWSuikzp.

An additional advantage of the MapMaker.online application is the range of work possibilities
in the GIS environment transferred to the network, incl. editing raster data
and vector. Creation of spatial information systems (GIS webmaps), e.g. for an administrative unit, which are automatically updated and visible on the website immediately after their creation. It is possible to provide network services for other INSPIRE themes and to enrich the software with dedicated modules for these topics. So far, we have expanded the application with georeferencing and basic raster editing, the ability to download information assigned to a specific geographic area (e.g. cadastre information), and start public consultations for a selected area. It is possible to expand with other important modules, e.g. validation and tests of spatial data.

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