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What is Catalog Service for Web (CSW)?

“Catalogue services support the ability to publish and search collections of descriptive information (metadata) for data, services, and related information objects. Metadata in catalogues represent resource characteristics that can be queried and presented for evaluation and further processing by both humans and software. Catalogue services are required to support the discovery and binding to registered information resources within an information community.” ~ OGC

Logotipo Consorcio Geoespacial Abierto

How does CSW work in practice?

To provide you with CSW discovery service, we relay on open source solution called GeoNetwork.

“GeoNetwork provides an easy to use web interface to search geospatial data across multiple catalogs. The search provides full-text search as well as faceted search on keywords, resource types, organizations, scale, … Users can easily refine the search and quickly get to the records of interest.” ~ GeoNetwork

You can browse and find MapMaker’s related metadata at:

MapMaker’s general CSW adress is:

How it works in app?

Los servicios de búsqueda de colecciones CSW se pueden encontrar en las propiedades del proyecto y luego en la pestaña de servicios. Después de hacer clic en el servicio CSW, se mostrará la dirección del servicio.

Servicios de búsqueda de colecciones CSW

How to check if CSW service is valid?

We’ve created a tutorial showing how you are able to verify the CSW service.