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Search engine in the layer tree

The search engine is located at the top of the layers tree. It allows you to search for individual layers and layer groups based on the entered phrase. This feature is very helpful in the case of large projects, when finding the layer you are interested in may prove difficult. Sophisticated layers are highlighted in orange.

Search engine in the attribute table

A search engine located above the attribute table allows the user to search the table in each column. In order to find the desired value, select the column you want to search and enter the searched phrase. The table will display all records where the given phrase occurs.

Plot search engine

The plot search engine allows the user to search for plots in the layer with plots in the project, based on the given area number and plot number. This search engine, in order to work properly, must be previously configured by the project owner.

Detailed search engine

The Detailed Finder allows the user to search the layer’s attribute table according to several parameters. Two or more columns of a table can be searched simultaneously. To do this, select the layer that you want to search, and then select the columns and values that you want to search in a given column.

Keyword Search

The keyword search engine allows you to simultaneously search all layers in the project. After entering a specific phrase, the application will display the search results in the form of the names of the layers in which the searched phrase was found and records of the layer in which the phrase is located. The user has the option to search with or without case-insensitive and to search for the whole word or part of it.