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It is possible to publish web services for selected layers. More details about services in the services tab.


In the download tab, we can download 3 items:

Project in QGS or QGZ format,

APP file where, when downloading, we can choose the EPSG system in which the set will be downloaded,


We can create metadata by ourselves using the create button. By clicking the search tab, you will be taken to the geonetwork page where we can search for the metadata we are interested in. The gear button allows us to configure the metadata for the current project, we do this by entering the metadata ID. After configuration, the display button is active and takes us to the metadata of this project.

Choosing a base map

Istnieje możliwość dodania własnej mapy podkładowej  za pomocą linku WMS lub wybór mapy podkładowej z listy rozwijalnej.